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Black Heart Comics is a community of independent writers, artists, musical madmen, and day dreamers! Full of countless hours of wonder and intrigue we intend to bring you fantastical stories with unique plots and unforeseen twists. With many distinct styles of storytelling and off beat art we deliver a wide spectrum of tales ranging from Sci-Fi to super heroes. From murder/mystery to romantic comedy. From Gods to goths! We will have something for everyone!

We are here to bring you mind boggling tales of high adventure and intrigue! Why not stop by our store today and browse our extensive selection? We look forward to meeting you!

Zombie Crawl October 4th 2013

Chicago Comicon Conquered!

Visit our Facebook page for images from the convention. Thanks to all who came and visited the Black Heart Comics booth.

New Digital Comics!

Several new titles are now available in print on demand and .pdf via our DriveThruComics store.


(.pdf only)
Daybreak Cover
Daybreak follows the broken life of a young girl named Dawn. Dawn is a stripper on a downward spiral until a recurring admirer shows her a world she has never known...

Whispered on the lips of the moonstruck, evil forces only known silently as "Takers" are the closest to returning the world to darkness since the beginning of mankind. They have all but won with the last few remaining Heralds of Light being picked off. Until, for the first time in over a century, a small miracle of hope occurs...

Daybreak has two featured models lending their incredible tattoos and likeness to the pages of Daybreak!

Shonda Mackey

and Leah Jung!

They have appeared seperately on the cover of a dozen magazines. Everything from tattoo mags to clothing to lifestyle mags plus so much more! Both of these beautiful ladies are worth keeping an eye on! In the pages of Daybreak and in their many endeavors!

Get your digital copy of Daybreak for ONLY $1.99 here

Corpus Christie and the Cape Girls TPB

Christie Cover
The Corpus Christie and the Cape Girls TPB follows the zany adventures of Corpus Christie (a girl who is so goth she's actually dead) and her two roommates: Squeak (a dominatrix with a speech impediment) and Purple (a portly dorky goth with serious magical mojo).

When the trio decides to visit the coffee shop to ward off the evening's ennui, they come across a jock named Brad whose crush on Christie leads him to seek the aid of a voodoo wielding, zombie making pimp. Add to the chaos Brad's ax wielding jealous ex-girlfriend and it makes the perfect recipe for one hell of a bizarre night!

Pick up the Corpus Christie and the Cape Girls TPB here!

115 pages B&W interiors. Full color cover.

Foreword by David A. Rodriguez (Finding Gossamyr, Shadowgirls)


Reckoning cover
They killed her boyfriend and destroyed her life... Tonight they pay!

Inspired by the ultra-volent revenge films of the 1970's and 1980's, Reckoning follows Justine, a young woman in the inner city as she hunts down those responsible for killing her boyfriend.

Suggested for mature audiences.

Pick up Reckoning here!

73 pages B&W interiors. Full color cover.

Foreword by Daniel McDorman (Of Myth and Man)

Black Heart at DriveThruCOMICS
Black Heart Comics NOW AVAILABLE at DriveThruCOMICS!

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